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The Hip Creator - Large Silicone Pads



The Hip Creator -  Large Figure Enhancing Silicone Pads


  • Supersoft realistic feeling silicone - undetectable under clothing
  • Mesh reinforced edges - to prevent tearing and damage
  • Hand sculptured profile - to give the most realistic female shape
  • Thickness extends down within the pad - where women hold their weight

This pad has been designed in response to multiple requests for a large pad that can be worn with the shortest of skirts.

The profile of the pad has been hand sculptured by a medical silicone expert on a live model.  This shorter pad has had extra thickness carefully added to extend a little more around the top of the hips.  This gives an extremely flattering  curve to your hips without looking unnatural. 

The pads are not as thick as the "Hip Creator - XL", but they are slightly wider.

  • Unique shorter shape and profile to give a realistic femme figure that can be worn with mini-skirts
  • Made of the same medical grade silicone used in breast forms - soft and realistic to touch
  • Designed with a thin skin of more durable silicone to prevent tearing
  • Undetectable under clothing
  • Mesh reinforced edges to prevent tearing
  • Separate pads for left and right

Dimensions (per pad):

  • Weight:  0.9kg
  • Length:  30cm
  • Width:  30cm
  • Thickness:  3cm